Reflections – 2016

Mackinac Bridge at night
Mackinac Bridge at night

I look back at 2016 and, for me, photography-wise, I feel it was a very good year.  There were a lot of good things that happened for me and Missy and our photo adventures.  Some of our accomplishments included…

  • We found a tree in the middle of an intersection.
  • We did a handful of road trips and discovered even more places.
  • We expanded our portfolio so that we can offer even more assortment of choice for our customers.
  • We had a huge road trip of over a week into the north of Michigan and the Upper Peninsula which was both fun and invigorating.
  • On the business side, we finally abandoned a popular template-based photo sharing site… which turned out to be a travesty for us… and resurrected our traditional website.  The results have been positive and encouraging.
  • We started this new bog on a new platform.  There wasn’t anything wrong with the other platform, per se, but this one gives us better options.

Yes, 2016 was a good year, photography-wise.

The photo included here is from our huge road trip in October.  Neither Missy nor I had ever seen the Mackinac Bridge before, so this was a new treat for both of us.  We got there the day before, and really there was nothing worth shooting.  The day was overcast and dull.  The evening was rainy.  So, we got up early the next morning and went by about 5 am to get these shots on our way out of town.  This shot is from the north and east of the bridge, looking south and west.  There is a gravel road hugging the shore of Lake Michigan and we were able to find a wide spot that has a good perspective, but this one was closer to the bridge at a state park overlook.

Winter Serenity

Frost on trees in winter, Newago County, Michigan
Frost on trees in winter, Newago County, Michigan

If there is an area where my selection of photos is lacking it is winter and snow scenes.  I have a handful of really good ones, just not a whole lot.  On a recent weekend trip to Michigan for Christmas with Missy’s family I wanted to make some progress toward rectifying that.

Like so many of my shots this one was in a place where I didn’t think I was going to get much, then suddenly I look to my left and there it is.  What I think appealed to me was the combination of frost on the trees, some green from evergreens, and the rust-ish colors from leaves that haven’t fallen.  I took only two shots at this location.