Big Sky

Trees in Silhouette on Ridge in Winter, near Ely, Linn County, Iowa

Went to my photo club meeting today.  The guest presenter talked a lot about Midwest photography and their sentiment regarding it, and so on.  Two of his preferences were to 1) have big skies in his photos, and 2) he really liked stormy weather and big clouds.  Sun ray through the clouds always being an added bonus, of course.  For some unknown reason I do not have many big sky photos.  I may have to change that.  And I know that I do not have any severe weather photos.  I may fix that, too.

This particular photo is probably as close as they come.  The weather was harsher than the photo suggests, but the clouds were more complete in coverage, hence the solid wall effect.  I really like this photo… there’s a cropped panorama version, too… for the feeling it evokes.  There’s a sense of cold and stark loneliness.  The trees on a ridge by themselves, no one daring to go out there for any reason.  It’s good when a photo evokes feeling.  This photo was shot near Ely, Iowa.

Footnote:  It will take some time to catch up all my photos with the new logo.

Going Retail!

We’re going retail.  Actually, we’re going consignment.  I have some photos in a new consignment shop that is specializing in local talent and work.  Hence, my stuff can fit right in.

The place is called Dogwood Avenue, and is in the northeast part of town.  They have a wide range of local talent, everything from crafts to photos (like mine) to, well… lots of stuff in between.  They had an open house a couple nights ago, and will be doing a grand opening in a few weeks.  They are open in the mean time.

I have four larger photos that you see here, and a couple smaller shots not shown.  I will be expanding to about 8 to 10 photos within a couple weeks.  Everything that I show and sell here will be northeast Iowa only, keeping with the local intent.