It’s Time To Shoot Again

Red Barn and Farm with Ominous Clouds, near Palo, Linn County, Iowa

This scene has kind of a special place in my mind.  I have a winter shot that I took about a dozen years ago (from farther out, and more straight on), and it looks great on the computer screen, but upon close inspection it’s just not sharp enough to sell as a print.  Which is disappointing, because it would make a great panorama.  Then again, it’s not really the same now, either.  The building in front was erected a few years ago, hence the year ‘2014’ on the front.

This is about a quarter mile from my photo club location, so I see it often.  Even with the new building it’s still a good scene.  I keep saying I’m going to stop and take some more shots, yet I rarely do.  Today, after the meeting, I made a left and drove down closer to the barn itself.  There are several really good views, one of which you see here.

I did several vantage points, and I think I’ll publish more as time goes by.  I also think I’m going to go back soon after the trees have more leaves for a sightly different feel.  I always feel that the time between winter and spring is the worst time to shoot landscapes.  Everything is dusty and dingy.  This is showing the beginning of spring, and has a nice quality all its own… but I still want full leaves, too.