We’re Almost There

Bee on sunflower

Spring, that is.  We’re almost to spring.  Of course, if I still lived in California we’d be full-blown into spring, but I digress.

One of my many plans is to get more flower pictures this year.  Not just shots like this, which I will do, but I also would like to get more fields of wildflowers and other landscapey things, if you know what I mean.

This very nice sunflower… with a most cooperative bee, no less… was taken in the Amana Colonies way back in 2009.  It’s been languishing on my hard drive until now.  I am considering doing a selective color version where only the flower and bee are in color with the background faded to black and white.

The View from Iowa!

MW-4-118Right now, this is it.  As you drive down the road, this is pretty much all you see.  Corn and more corn and still more corn, as far as the eye can see, and taller than you are.  It’s like being the short person at a general admission rock concert.

Not being a farm boy myself, I was somewhat shocked when I first moved here.  The planting season is late, compared to what I was used to seeing on the west coast, and the corn starts out slow, then increases at a dramatic pace as the summer winds down.

Sweet corn near the end of summer is a BIG DEAL in these parts.  You will see stands everywhere.  Prices range from $3/dozen to $6/dozen, and quality is not consistent.  There’s a place just outside Manchester that has fantastic quality sweet corn.  They’re $5/dozen and well worth it.

Soon will come the harvest and the landscape will feel naked.  And we’ll have to do it all again next year.  I can’t wait!


The Iowa Moai

MW-4-073This is still one of my favorite photos.  Missy and I were out driving around on some random back roads one day a couple summers ago, and I spied something out of the corner of my eye and had to come to one of my patented screeching halts.

Out in the middle of nowhere… we stumbled across a metal Moai.  Like you would see on Easter Island (only the ones on Easter Island are stone, not metal).  Just sitting right there in a field of grass. In Iowa.

Talked to the farmer who owned it.  A friend of his made it.  The farmer was quite proud of his Moai, and was clearly excited to tell us all about it.  It’s hard to tell from this photo, but it’s approximately 15 feet tall.  We had a great conversation with the guy, and he invited us back anytime.  He says it looks great in winter surrounded and covered with snow.


Veterans memorial at county courthouse in Luverne, Rock County, Minnesota

I took this in front of the county courthouse in Luverne, Minnesota.  The overall memorial was very impressive, but this statue in particular inspired me.  The detail, the feeling of emotion, that it evoked was humbling.  Both before and after taking some shots I sat and just absorbed the feeling.

This is yet another example of finding things that you aren’t looking for.  We went to Luverne to visit Blue Mounds State Park, and courthouses are always interesting, so we gave this a shot (no pun intended) on the way out of town.

I should add that I found the town of Luverne quite charming.  Missy and I loved our visit, and have talked about going back sometime.