Veterans memorial at county courthouse in Luverne, Rock County, Minnesota

I took this in front of the county courthouse in Luverne, Minnesota.  The overall memorial was very impressive, but this statue in particular inspired me.  The detail, the feeling of emotion, that it evoked was humbling.  Both before and after taking some shots I sat and just absorbed the feeling.

This is yet another example of finding things that you aren’t looking for.  We went to Luverne to visit Blue Mounds State Park, and courthouses are always interesting, so we gave this a shot (no pun intended) on the way out of town.

I should add that I found the town of Luverne quite charming.  Missy and I loved our visit, and have talked about going back sometime.

What do you think of HDR?

Apples in Allen’s Apple Orchard, Marion, Linn County, Iowa

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography isn’t exactly new, but it still seems to stir emotions.  Some love it, some hate it, and there doesn’t seem to be much opinion in between.

Personally, it has grown on me, but with some qualifications.  The primary factor for me is that it needs to look real.  No “cartoonish” effects.  I want something that resembles what I was able to see with my own eye, and HDR helps with that.

I was able to take several shots of some apples, and using HDR combine the highlights and shadows and come up with something that looked good enough to eat.